The rules of the game

  • Every group of players must have a ref on the field with them at all times
  • Games are team elimination.
  • Each team starts in the back center.
  • When each team is ready, they must give the ref a thumbs up to show they are ready.
  • Once both teams are ready, the ref will start the game (ref will say: game will start in 3-2-1 go!).
  • No blind firing.
  • One shot elimination.
  • Paintball must break on player or marker for player to be eliminated.
  • Once a player is eliminated, they must walk off the playing field with marker raised above their head.
  • If a player gets hit but is unsure if the paintball broke, the player can call for a paint check and the ref will see if the player is out or clean.
  • An eliminated player cannot trade guns or give paint to live players.
  • Eliminated players cannot talk to live players (no coaching).
  • Surrender rule is 10-15 feet.
  • Once a player calls out surrender to an opponent within surrender range, that player is automatically out.